• Croccopan

    Top quality Coating Ingredients
    for Food Service Distributors

  • Adhesive Batters

    Suited to adhere the breadcrumbs on fresh and frozen meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, gourmet products

  • Binders

    Suitable for recomposed and stuffed meat, fish, vegetables, cheese

  • Natural coloring blends & antioxidant

    Suitable for recomposed meat such as hamburger, meat balls, meat loaf, chilled sausages

  • Rusk

    Suitable for recomposed meat, fish, vegetables, cheese and fillings for pasta

  • Cheese Powders & Cheese Flavours

    Suitable for chilled and frozen finished products: meat, fish, vegetables, readymade meals, filled pasta, bakery, snacks, sauces and canned food

  • “Tempura Batters” & “Clear Coat Batters”

    For coating fresh and frozen products such as vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, potato sticks

  • Flavours

    Blends of herbs and spices for preparations of meat, fish, vegetables, gastronomy and ready meals

  • Seasonings for snacks and bakery products

    Suitable to flavours all kinds of snacks and baked products

  • Breadcrumb & Breaders

    Suitable for chilled and frozen meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, gourmet products and ready meals.

  • Pancake & crepes mixes

    Suitable for the preparation of savory and sweet crepes

  • Predust

    Suitable in assisting adhesion and tempura batters on chilled and frozen meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, gourmet products

  • Granulated bouillons & condiments

    Suitable for enhancing all recipes

  • Cooking bases

    Ideal for recipes based on meat and fish

  • Sauces, dressings, marinades

    Products based on mixtures of high quality spices and flavorings

  • Béchamel mixes

    Suitable for gastronomy products, ready meals, vegetables

  • Raw materials and mixes for bakery products

    High quality products from an accurate selection of raw materials

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